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Building Our Team

What does it take to Build the Ultimate Marketing Team?

It’s been a very special last couple of weeks at Tenato Strategy! The business has been growing very quickly, and with this, we have had good reason to seek out new talent to bring on board.

I thought I would use this opportunity to explain something that is quite different about Tenato’s business model.

As an entrepreneur myself, I have always found that, especially in a creatively-driven industry such as this, the best talent often prefers to work independently. In other words, top level people don’t need to be “bossed” in the sense that they need to be told, “You have to come in at 8:00am and sit here where I can see you until you’re done your work.”

So when it comes to finding expert talent, we have built our business through seeking specific, well-fit experts…a team of independent associates.  Most of our associates run their own firms, but also make a commitment to Tenato to provide ongoing support to our clients, insight, and share skills sets together.   This allows us to build a communications and marketing solution for clients that is much more diverse, and takes advantage of synergies between communications disciplines, for example:

– Did you know that effective Public Relations generates media links, which boosts rankings in search engines?

– Did you know that excellent market research enhances creative art direction?

– Did know that PR and marketing strategy both affect social media and online strategy?

In other words, there are so many synergies, you can get superior results by using one, strategic team who can bring it all together.

With that, as CEO of Tenato, I am extremely proud to officially welcome two new members of our Associate team:

1.  Michael Wynn — Michael, and his firm, Full Blast Creative, came to us as a referral.  I met him originally when we made a bid for a project we ultimately lost….there wasn’t a good fit with the client.  But they had asked dozens and dozens of tough questions (only some of which I’d expected Mike to try to answer when I forwarded him the list.)  He not only answered the web questions, but had typed up thorough responses to every single question, to the best of his ability — I thought – wow — what a great attitude!  Then, the first actual project we worked on together (which was on a ridiculously short deadline) I noticed right away that he was, by far, the most responsive and helpful web developer I had ever run across — getting the work done so quickly and thoroughly I just kept thinking Wynn = Win!!  We need this guy!  His portfolio is also amazing — and speaks for itself.  We are so proud to have him on our Associate Team!

2.  Susan Elford – Susan  was born in Newfoundland (I am originally from New Brunswick) and we hit it off right away.  Her track record and credentials in Public Relations were impressive, but right out of the gate, I noticed that she was an extremely intelligent woman who loves the to resolve complex public relations challenges .  Some of the stories she relayed, which included high-profile government and regulatory issue management, proved that she is at her best when the stakes are high.   And one more funny story — one of our clients is running a popular local fitness gym, and we took one of his heavy-duty fitness classes to get a first hand understanding of what the company does.   After about 20 minutes I was really dizzy and light headed —  and had to sit it out (the class is NOT for the faint of heart – or faint of head in my case) but Susan toughed it out like a trooper!   This woman has my respect.

So, as the CEO of Tenato, I am extremely proud to bring these wonderful new people to you, added to our already amazing group!   Please visit our Team page to get to know us better!


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Jacqueline Drew
About the Author - Jacqueline Drew
Jacqueline M. Drew, BComm MBA is CEO of Tenato Strategy Inc., a Calgary-based marketing research and strategy firm. She loves to use her superpowers "to help the good guys win" and is also an energetic supermom, bandleader and songwriter.

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