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As Calgary continues to suffer from a recession, many families are filled with uncertainty. Uncertainty about job security, on where they will sleep tonight, or if they will have enough food to eat. Even a full-time job does not guarantee a living wage, and many are unable to meet their basic needs. According to Face It Calgary, over 3500 Calgarians are homeless and at least 40% are also employed. This means that a significant portion of Calgary’s workforce are pushing themselves to perform tasks without sufficient nutrition.

What can we do to help? Hunger, poverty and homelessness are complex issues that cannot end without significant systemic changes. However, we can make a difference by volunteering and donating to various charities and organizations within our communities. Recently, Tenato Strategy, was given just such an exciting opportunity via The Sandwich Foundation.

“Our mission is to deliver nutritious lunches to the working homeless through community donations and partnerships.” – The Sandwich Foundation

The Sandwich Foundation seeks to provide healthy lunches for the working homeless. Amanda Paes, the founder, had been volunteering for over 20 years at various organizations when she learned that The Drop-In Center was consistently short 400-500 bagged lunches per day. She was inspired to create her foundation in October 2015. Jacqueline Drew, our CEO & Principal Consultant, who knew Amanda’s family through her community, was moved by the initiative, joined as the Director of Strategy and Marketing.

Since its launch on October 30, The Sandwich Foundation has held four very successful sandwich making sessions and has many more already planned. In addition, Jacqueline’s band “Jacquie Drew & the Crew” will be holding a concert benefitting The Sandwich Foundation. Taking place on January 2nd, at the Ironwood Stage & Grill, tickets are $20.00 each or pay-what-you-can. Details on the event can be found at www.jacquiedrew.com.

The spirit of giving is very alive during the holidays. And, while the many people who volunteer and donate at this time of year are very appreciated, it is important to remember to help out, when we can, year-round. If you can make a donation (which will go to the purchase of bread, meat, and sandwich condiments) or would like to volunteer for a sandwich-making session, as an individual or as a team, please visit thesandwichfoundation.com.

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