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How to Strategize a Better Business Offering

Whether you’re a product-based company or a service-based company, you may want to develop your offering so that you can make more revenue per sale, be more competitive, and also solve your client’s problems better than you are currently doing….

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Video: How to Cold Call – the Professional Way

Today I want to give you a quick overview on how to do a decent cold call. Now I know there are tons of sales training courses out there but I’m gonna give you our method because, for some reason, I can never seem to find any sales book that comes even close to the one that we use….

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Video: How to Market a New Product

A lot of people ask me how to market their brand new product or invention. What I’d like to tell you about this is that there are sort-of two main routes you can go. Option 1: Market Yourself The first route is, you can market yourself, which means you can take it directly to market….

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