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Using Humour to Neutralize Bad Social Media

TinyRhinoSquareI recently read a great saw a comedic bit roasting Canadian company, Lululemon, on the Jimmy Kimmel late night show.

Seems Jimmy Kimmel had some fun envisioning the “next generation” of even tighter yoga pants that Lululemon might consider offering:  spray on yoga pants.   The satirical ads were hilarious and kind of disgusting all at the same time, with blurred screen areas in the *strategic* views of the women wearing them, and the “pants” getting very strong reactions from those people around them, especially from those getting the rear view of a “down dog” pose!

One might expect Lululemon to have remained silent, or perhaps defended its products.

The company found its humour and even one-upped Kimmel’s.  They created a fake product page with these “spray-on” pants, “As Seen on Jimmy Kimmel” with ordering information — showing the product “SOLD OUT”.

Brilliant.  Lululemon proved themselves to be fun, accessible, and hip…instead of elite, snobby and rigid.

A couple years ago, I blogged about the funny media which swirled around when Danielle Smith of the Wild Rose Party accidentally ended up with her “Boobie Bus.” She got the bus re-painted.  I argued that she needed to roll with that humour then as well….keeping the bus, and perhaps attaching a “breast cancer” awareness ribbon along with it, donating a few cents per kilometre to the cause.   Maybe someday she’ll bring it back.  If she does, I boldly predict that she’ll win accolades and public approval for doing so.

My point?  When it comes to media, if you can’t beat it, join it.  Roll with it – and have a good laugh yourself.   It gives you personality in the most positive way.

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