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Photo by Ed Kaiser, Edmonton Journal*

Okay, so there’s a big hubbub regarding the new Wild Rose party campaign bus.  It looks like the graphic designer’s head was either a) not screwed on tight enough or b) a wee bit devious, and in need of either fun or revenge.  Either way, the result is hysterical.

Most Albertans would probably agree that Danielle Smith usually appears angry when she’s in the news.  She is continually fighting, threatening, or accusing someone, in general, of something – and although you could argue that as an opposition leader, that’s her job, it is also a shame to always have to be in this role.  In the opinion of this marketer, we now have a golden opportunity to give her campaign a much-needed “lift”!    Humour to the rescue – all you have to do is laugh Danielle,  and keep that bus!

After all, thousands, and possibly millions of people will be dying to get a look and a laugh at this one.  And, if she wants to put a positive “spin” on those wheels, well, let’s donate a few pennies to breast cancer research for every kilometer she puts on that bus (just add a nice big pink looping ribbon to that bus to show her support!)…now that’s the way to get positive traction.

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*P.S.  Edmonton Journal, we’ve used this photo with credit but without direct permission. If you’d like us to remove, just say the word.  Thanks!

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