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Marketing to Millennials

Millennial Markets Matter

Marketing to Younger MarketsMillennials represent a demographic that has most marketers – and savvy business owners – salivating. Sometimes called Gen Y, this is the generation that define trends. There are more of them than there are Boomers, and their buying power is on the rise. Born between the early 80s and the early 90s, they are the first generation to not know a world without the Internet.

Talking to Millennials

Millennials are a neat group of people, but what do you need to know about them? In this Abacus study of Canadian Millennials, the national picture is broken down pretty well. Core values include equity, community and self-determination. Millennials aren’t necessarily motivated by the same things that turned the heads of earlier generations and they’re not as concerned with the status markers that Boomers would recognize.

It’s About a Conversation

So how do you talk to Millennials?

Right off the top, it’s about a conversation, so be sure to write the way you talk – and keep it short. Chances are, if you’re still reading this, you’re NOT a Millennial! There’s a new way to communicate out there and the focus is on accessibility, responsiveness and entertainment. Find yourself a writer who can hit the mark on all three of these and you will have a winner. Beat the bushes in your own company – you may have a Millennial who is more than capable of taking on this task. If not, come and see us! We’ve got the experience to get it done right for you.

Second, you have to show up where they do. Yes, you are going to need to explore and maximize electronic media. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc etc. Get a little expert advice and see which formats will work best for you. Engage them via social media and be prepared to take what comes. You can make – or break – your brand with an open,  honest willingness to engage. It may mean new thinking and way more listening but if it’s done well, the pay-off means your followers will turn into your ambassadors.

Remember that while content is important, so is knowing when to shut up. A constant barrage of messages is just going to annoy someone who lives on their feeds – you’ll lose them. If someone has decided to follow you via one of these electronic platforms, you need to respect their personal e-space. . . so to speak.  

And finally, don’t just talk about your latest deal or product. Millennials want to know why what you do matters – to them, to their communities and to the causes they care about. Show an investment in what’s often called “social license.” Talk about how you sponsored a local tournament or donated to a charity or better yet, showcase photos of your employees participating in a community event. Keep it classy, humble and authentic.

Marketing to Millennials: the Upshot

Generational theory basically tells us we’re a product of our times – literally. Paying attention to some of the hallmarks of specific cohorts means you’re more likely to tailor an approach that will work to reach them. One size doesn’t fit all, particularly when you’ve got a specific target in mind.

Fortunately, at Tenato we understand this world very, very well. We make it a priority to understand not just our clients but also their target markets and we have the tools, talent and experience to make sure the right message goes to the right audience at the right time. Give us a call today.

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About the Author - Tara Klager
As a two-time Ontario Newspaper Award winning writer and with four consecutive nominations, I bring 16 years of editorial experience from across Canada. Collaborative by nature, I love working as a part of team Tenato!