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Rebranding Checklist

Whether it’s a new name or logo, rebranding creates a heap of busywork. Maybe you’re thinking, “Hmm, new business cards, update the website?” It’s a start, but what else is there? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a comprehensive checklist for getting your rebranding done so that you could just start banging things off? Look no further, here it is. This list starts with the assumption that you’ve got the new name or logo, and just need to roll it all out.

In Advance of Launch Date (2 to 3 months):


  1. First, get the name change certificate registered, and begin trademarking your name and/or logo.
  2. Get Domain Name(s) Registered.
  3. Design and reprint business cards.
  4. Design and reprint envelopes, labels, product price tags.
  5. Design and reprint letterhead and/or create e-letterhead.
  6. Re-brand invoices, quotation sheets, thank-you cards.
  7. Design and fabricate all signage (exterior signs, parking stall signs, directory boards, interior signs).
  8. Begin re-skinning your website or do a complete re-design and re-build (latter is recommended, a new brand should reflect the “new you”.) Ensure it is ready for a launch date.
  9. Set up new email accounts for all staff.
  10. Get placeholder information up on new website location, along with “coming soon.”
  11. Get bank accounts re-named. Ensure names on your till receipts/bank card equipment is updated.
  12. Get new cheques ordered.
  13. Get names changed with all Vendors/Accounts.
  14. Send out Notifications to all clients and vendors, saying a change is coming to our brand on (date) and why.
  15. Create new e-signature graphic.
  16. Donate old promotional products (company shirts, hats, memory sticks), and order new ones.
  17. Update sales presentations, training presentations, policy manuals, and proposal templates with new branding.
  18. If you’d like to do a news release about rebranding, call key media contacts in advance and ask them to hold the story until at least the day of or day before the launch (your preference here).
  19. If you’d like a launch party, plan this in advance, and consider holding it the night before the launch date. Here you can do the reveal, explain the new name/ logo, and the story of why the rebranding was done. You can also invite key media.
  20. Ensure official documents are updated: contracts, insurance, leases and employment agreements.
  21. Create new video for launch and/or update older videos with new branding.
  22. Create new social media accounts (migrating followers where possible), or re-brand existing ones.
  23. Order new signs, vehicle graphics, uniforms, security badges.

Day Before the Launch:

A new rebranding rocket ship is being built

  1. Tell staff how to say/phrase the new name when they pick up the phone.
  2. Change voicemail messages (to “New Company Name, formerly Old Company Name” for 6 months, then just go to “New Company Name”).
  3. Distribute new logos, e-signature graphics, business cards, stationery to all staff. Post all these assets in a location that all your staff can access. (Or if you have offices in far-off locations, send well in advance and say “Do not open until (launch date)”
  4. Ensure new email accounts are working and ready for launch.
  5. Begin the launch of the new website. Redirect all content on old site to new site. It often takes about 24 hours, so good to do this the day before. (Consult your web/IT person to time this best).

On the Launch Date:

The new rebranding rocket ship takes off

  1. Post a blog about the rebranding on the new website (i.e. a Rebranding blog)
  2. Ensure SEO tags are set up on new site; register site maps with Google and other browsers.
  3. Install new signage.
  4. Call phone company ensure your name on call display is updated.
  5. Put sticky reminder notes on all the phones to ensure everyone is answering the phone correctly.
  6. Send an e-announcement to all clients and vendors.
  7. Tell all employees to update their LinkedIn Accounts.
  8. Post info about the rebrand on all old social media sites. Link to Rebranding blog post.
  9. Post info about the rebrand on new social media sites. Link to Rebranding blog post.
  10. Encourage all employees to share the Rebranding blog post to their networks.
  11. Forward all the old email accounts over to the new ones.

As Soon as Possible After Launch Date:

The new rebranding rocket ship orbits a planet

  1. Contact as many customers as possible personally (face-to-face for large customers, phone for mid-sized, but also emails for everyone with a link to the Rebranding blog). You should reassure them services will remain the same, or be improving in various ways, and make sure they know their business is still important to you. This is a great way to turn your branding into new business.
  2. Update all advertisements, job ads, sales & marketing collateral.
  3. Update subscriptions to online services and software.
  4. Update industry association memberships.
  5. Update signs, vehicle graphics, and tradeshow display materials.
  6. Ensure payroll company has new name/logo.
  7. Bug-check your website and ensure it is 100% functional, and that all online links to old website are re-directing to the new website.
  8. Consider painting your office to reflect new colour schemes.
  9. Distribute new uniforms, security badges, ensure signs and new vehicle graphics are installed.
  10. Notify the Canada Revenue Agency.

While we can’t guarantee this list covers 100% of what you’ll need to do, we hope you’ll find it useful. Of course, the bigger your company is, and the longer you’ve been in business, the more there will be to do.

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About the Author - Jacqueline Drew
Jacqueline M. Drew, BComm, MBA is founder and CEO of Tenato Strategy Inc., a marketing research and strategy firm with bases in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. With over 25 years' experience in all facets of marketing strategy, she is a business consultant, trainer and speaker who loves to use her superpowers "to help the good guys win."