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Reflecting on 2019 Accomplishments

Photo by Daniel Novykov on Unsplash

We are thrilled to report that we have had a record year at Tenato, despite the difficult economy in our home province of Alberta. This was largely due to finding new horizons in other parts of our beautiful country, particularly with great success in our new Vancouver office. This has led to many significant internal strides forward in our business, including our most recent accomplishment – opening our third office, in Toronto!

We were very fortunate to have key team members add significantly to our success this year, and we would like to recognize a few people whose efforts really stood out:

  • Samantha Boone, Art Director: Samantha expanded her skill sets on many fronts this year. First, she learned the art of animation – and no sooner did she have the skills under her belt than she put them to use creating animated advertisements that showed throughout the season at the BC Lions stadium in Vancouver! What a moment seeing those ads flash through – we are so proud of her! Samantha also learned to build animated HTML presentations, which have enhanced our strategy.
  • Gary Drew, Operations Strategist: Gary worked tirelessly restructuring our information network and file structures to allow smooth operations between offices, all without losing a day’s productivity on the team. He also recently implemented a new VOIP phone system to enable fast, secure teleconferencing, while keeping costs lean and efficient. It’s been a ton of heavy lifting, but we feel even more prepared for growth and expansion in 2020.
  • Karine Kugler, Online Marketing Consultant: Karine has been a lynchpin in our marketing strategies for several years now, and each year, we learn more from her as she introduces new techniques for online marketing. When one of our clients had a new product that wasn’t being sought for in search phrases, Karine went to work on shifting budgets into different territories with new techniques…significantly moving the needle and getting traction where there was none. We truly appreciate her dedication and willingness to collaborate with us for success.
  • Joanne O’Connell, Research and Metrics: Joanne started off her ongoing engagement with Tenato by providing our team with focus group training, as she has moderated hundreds of focus groups in her tenure. Not only did we learn a lot about focus group techniques, but Joanne went above and beyond the call of duty, analyzing the data from focus group tests on her own time, and showing us the finer points of interpretation. She then began working with us on revamping our overall marketing reporting processes in depth; this is already proving paradigm-shifting, and we fully expect that in 2020 our reporting processes will become the best in the industry.
  • Han Siu, Video and Web Producer: Han did one of our largest projects ever this year – and covered not only a major website design and programming project singlehandedly, but also carried the photography and e-commerce implementation. This multi-talented resource came through in spades, as he always does! As I’ve always said, is there nothing this guy can’t do?
  • Jenelle Peterson, Senior Consultant: While Jenelle has recently bid adieu to Tenato to start her own e-commerce-based business, her contribution to Tenato evolved us permanently for the better. By coaching Jenelle on our strategy-development methodologies, we learned how to train and developed documentation that will carry us forward to enable adding new senior consultants. Jenelle also contributed her visual and creative talents to painting and re-decorating our entire Calgary office, giving it a real lift functionally and aesthetically! Jenelle, we are very proud of your foray into self-employment, and look forward to seeing your success every step of the way.
  • Gerry Yan, Web Development Contractor: As he was the incumbent lead-developer for a new client we gained last year, and in the process, we learned just how responsive and capable he is! When Han, our lead Web Producer, was buried in projects, Gerry valiantly jumped in to execute an entire website project, and countless edits on other existing projects, quickly and diligently. We are thrilled to have him as a vital resource to our capabilities and capacity.

So, with all that we have accomplished in 2019, I am honoured and proud to be working with this stellar team of capable, honest and committed people – people with the tenacity to dig deeper! May we all move forward together in 2020 and continue to demonstrate how we help the good guys win!

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About the Author - Jacqueline Drew
Jacqueline M. Drew, BComm, MBA is founder and CEO of Tenato Strategy Inc., a marketing research and strategy firm with bases in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. With over 25 years' experience in all facets of marketing strategy, she is a business consultant, trainer and speaker who loves to use her superpowers "to help the good guys win."