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Translating Social Media

Volunteering HandsHow to Handle Multi-Lingual Social Media Fans and Followers

Have you gotten multi-lingual followers on social media, only to be stumped as to what they are saying to you, or how to reply?

Here’s a wonderful tip:  Get the Google Translate App.   It’s free, and is a handy app for smart phone devices that allows you to translate to or from almost any language.  It’s actually fun to see what these foreign fans are thinking and saying about you online.

How to use the Google Translate App

Cut and paste the foreign text into the Google Translate App, specifying what language it is, and select to translate it to English.  If you don’t know what language the person is speaking, Google has a “Detect Language” option, which almost always works instantaneously!  If that doesn’t work, look at the location the person is from and make a guess as to what language is spoken there.

Once your message is read, write your reply right into Google Translate, and let it punt back the translated text in whatever language you need. Paste it into your reply, and you’re there.

With today’s technology, why be limited by only knowing one language?

Caveat:  Google translate isn’t perfect — so keep your messages friendly and simple!

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