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Community-Minded Organizations

Tenato also has a special interest in businesses and organizations that specifically help areas of high need, such as seniors, youth and disadvantaged community segments.

Seniors are a growing segment of the Canadian population, and there never seems to be enough accessible, affordable services to assist them.  It is as though the system has not caught up with the need.  We have marketed many services and products specifically for seniors. Some of this experience has been with non-profit societies, and some with for-profit businesses such as pharmaceutical companies. Our CEO, Jacqueline Drew, also is a board member of the Alzheimer Society of Calgary, so has many great connections to help companies who help seniors.

Youth and educational institutions are another area of high interest for us.  We are often disheartened at the lack of affordable educational opportunities for people willing and able to learn; and we do think that education should be awarded more work ethic and potential than simply the ability to pay.  If a business or organization can make this possible, we are very keen to help them find growth.   Our experience in this area ranges from post-secondary institutions to private child care facilities.

Disadvantaged groups include the homeless, working poor, and perhaps recent immigrants who are seeking ways to make ends meet in Canada. If a business or organization can help with affordable shelter, help renters to own homes, or help employ these groups, facilitating their success is a definite area of interest to us at Tenato.  We have worked with non-profits that help immigrants find jobs, and businesses that have specifically served and facilitated these markets. Allowing these groups to get a meaningful start is an incredible way to unlock the huge potential they have to offer.

So, when we say we have an interest, what does that mean?   It means that if there’s a good fit, we’ll do whatever we can to work within your budget. Sometimes it’ll mean some free advice, services, connections, and going beyond the call of duty, like to pitching in at a fundraiser or other event.

At Tenato, we do see our role as being more than just about making money…we’re here to “help the good guys win”!