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Innovative Small Businesses

Too often, business owners buy a franchise, or license a pre-packaged product or service to resell in the marketplace. The problem is that this limits the creative ability of the entrepreneur to change the concept and make it best-in-class.

While we have many years’ experience working with small businesses, we like to focus on ground-breakers… entrepreneurs who are doing something different, and have creative control. These businesses could be products, technologies, services or even incorporate the arts in some way. Certainly, entrepreneurship invites many way to spur innovation.

When Tenato began back in 1996, we were known as “START Marketing Inc.” and had a viewpoint then that we really wanted to assist start-up businesses. Why?  Because the starting point of a small business is when all the variables are completely open to adjustment, and direction can be turned on a dime. As a result, we have created business plans for many, many small businesses, and also helped them get grants for startup and growth.   Some of our most interesting projects have included:

  • A computer-tablet for the blind that allows people to magically “feel” the objects on the screen.
  • A commodity-price forecasting firm that could predict the next direction of oil or gas pricing using their own innovative algorithm.
  • An insurance company that specialized in insuring the uninsurable.
  • A seismic surveying company that developed its own GIS solution that could be used to map emergency response plans.
  • A programming firm that marvelled in the creativity of programming, could create any kind of software from scratch within about 3 months.
  • A digital forensics firm that could uncover and unravel any kind of computer evidence. The owner had an IQ over 200 and had worked at the highest levels of national security clearance.
  • A pet-waste removal company that got into servicing huge swaths of municipal property, and eventually was able to buy out all its competitors.

…and the list goes on.   We can say with confidence that we have learned limitless insights from dealing with clients like these over the years.  So, we really work hard to find innovative businesses, especially if they get our creativity flowing.  So, we’ll reiterate: if you business is unique, or open to getting our input on how to make it so, we want to work with you!

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