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Innovative Businesses

Some businesses get started by buying a franchise, or licensing another company’s name or brand for a given territory. The problem with this is that it limits the creative ability of the entrepreneur to change the concept and make it best-in-class.

While we have worked with such businesses, our preference is to focus on ground-breakers… entrepreneurs who are doing something different, and have creative control. These businesses could be manufacturing or re-bundling products, technologies, services or even the arts – but if they have the “creative control” to make their products unique and innovative, then they are usually an excellent fit for us.

Some of our most interesting projects have included:

  • A modular mattress manufacturer that can customize the mattresses for multiple sleepers, i.e. soft on the left side, firmer on the right.
  • A computer-tablet for the blind that allows people to magically “feel” the objects on the screen.
  • A commodity-price forecasting firm that could predict the next direction of oil or gas pricing using their own innovative algorithm.
  • An insurance company that specialized in insuring the uninsurable.
  • A seismic surveying company that developed its own GIS solution that could be used to map emergency response plans.
  • A programming firm that marvelled in the creativity of programming, could create any kind of software from scratch within about 3 months.
  • A digital forensics firm that could uncover and unravel any kind of computer evidence. The owner had an IQ over 200 and had worked at the highest levels of national security clearance.
  • A pet-waste removal company that got into servicing huge swaths of municipal property, and eventually was able to buy out all its competitors.

…and the list goes on.   We can say with confidence that we have learned limitless insights from dealing with clients like these over the years.  So, we really work hard to find innovative businesses, and ensure their target customer appreciate what is truly unique about them.  To reiterate – if your business is making or creating something truly unique, we’d love to talk.  Contact us today!