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At Tenato, we take on a limited number of clients, and provide a very comprehensive solution. Providing support to municipalities and destinations is our way of assisting a multitude of businesses and organizations at once, through a focused overall strategy.  During the CoronaVirus COVID-19 Pandemic, we are also now offering a Pandemic Marketing Action Plan package.

The Challenge of Destination Marketing

Too often, smaller cities and towns are challenged to acquire the tourism and communications talent they need to achieve a modern, cohesive, fully functioning promotional campaign to attract visitors, businesses and new residents. This is due to a few factors:

  • Several skills required. When it comes to marketing, there are many kinds of talents needed, covering skill sets in market research, business strategy, graphic design, web development, social media, media buying, and the list goes on. This means several different kinds of people need to be mobilized to achieve marketing success.
  • Remoteness of location.  Limited labour pool size, especially in rural areas, makes it difficult to find all of these talents locally.
  • Tourism marketing itself is changing. The digital world is requiring smaller towns and communities to compete for visitation. It can take more work to find a unique angle that really sets a community apart from a broader base of competition.

So, how does a community or destination without a fully-staffed “Destination Marketing Organization” (DMO) get a professional, locally-authentic solution, without the overhead?

What is a “Virtual  DMO”?

We conceived the idea of a Virtual DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) in order to create an outsourced tourism/economic development office that gives you all the services you need, but without the level of overhead of hiring all those talents in-house.  In addition, we work with the resources and talents you do have locally to keep your dollars within your community as much as possible.

Our process is completely holistic, starting with market research, building you a plan, and then executing and tracking it.  Your team is involved throughout the process in all decisions.

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