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Brand Development

Branding can involve many things, but at the most basic level it means developing a personality or character for your business through the use of words and imagery. If you’re wondering whether or not you should re-brand, we encourage you to visit our article here.

  • Corporate Identity and Name Development – Our associates have developed many corporate names and product names over the years. We can also refer you to excellent how-to resources should you decide you would like to generate your own name ideas in-house. The process is best commenced upon completion of an overall strategy, wherein we have a clear understanding of where your brand needs to be positioned in the marketplace.
  • Logo Design – Getting a clear direction for logo development is crucial. Before commencing the design, we work with you to narrow the style, colours, and graphical options, making the process as efficient as possible. We then enlist our highly experienced designers to create the logo and brand usage guidelines for your organization.
  • Slogan (Tagline) Development – Development of a clean, concise and catchy slogan can commence upon completion of a strategy (how’s that for alliteration?). It can describe an offering, or simply an attitude. At Tenato, we work with you to narrow down the slogan concept (to about 25 – 30 words); and provide several excellent choices, usually in the two- to-five-word range. In fact, our principal consultant is also a songwriter, so we know how get to the point quickly!
  • Creative Development – At Tenato, we ensure the creative direction is developed to clearly reflect the strategy, through visual metaphors, headline themes, and other techniques. This is then carried through selection or production of photography or illustrations to be used as a theme for the brand.
  • Content Development (Copywriting) – Building the content for online and offline purposes today requires much more than being a solid writer. It involves knowing what needs to be said, i.e. what are the key selling points, what are the benefits, and really, what words is the reader seeking? This means that in addition to delivering your message clearly, we must analyze keyword search phrases, and include these in your text content, so that people searching for content related to your offerings will indeed find your website.
  • Graphic & Website Design – Once the branding, creative direction, and content needs are determined, graphic and website designers carry through to design the rest of the communications pieces. When designing websites, we carefully consider impacts of mobile (responsive) design, open-source platforms (we prefer clients to be able to update sites themselves, if they desire), search-engine friendliness, speed of site loading, social media integration, and of course, user-friendliness. All elements of print and web design must tie together seamlessly.
  • Photography, Illustration and Animation – The look and feel of your brand and image largely hinge on the nature and style of the visual imagery you choose. We work with a talented array of photographers and illustrators who understand how to carry your strategy through to visual execution, whether creating artistic photography of your offerings or people, or in creating creative illustrations or animations. We will advise you on when investments in these visuals are truly worth undertaking, and how to maximize their impact.
  • Video Scripting and Development – As with content development mentioned above, aiding our clients in building effective video content means that their organizations have the potential to rank better online, and generate more business. Our associates assist you in developing the content and structure of your corporate video, ensuring it aligns with your strategy.