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Media Buying

For over 15 years, Tenato has been partnered with True Media Services, which allows us to offer a broad range of media planning and buying services around the world. This includes area such as:

  • Media Databases. Which demographic and geographic audiences do various media reach? How large are those audiences? What is their pricing and payment terms?
  • Industry Benchmarking. What is typical ad spending in various industries? What should a company spend to get a reasonable “share of voice” in a given market?
  • Maximizing your Budget. Media buyers ensure that you reach the maximum amount of your target market with an adequate frequency for the best use of your budget.
  • Tracking Results. Media Buyers work carefully to track which ads are working, and which are not. They often recommend moving budget around after campaigns are running, to continually optimize effectiveness.

Enjoy our video on the perspective of the media buyer, and how this service is vital to your communications.

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