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Public Relations

At Tenato, we support your overall strategy with a modern approach to public relations that integrates traditional, online and social media. We focus on generating positive media, as opposed to avoiding negative media or offering crisis communications.

The tools of engagement in this field have evolved dramatically in the past few years, but the underlying fundamentals for successfully working with the media remain the same. Guided by your overall strategy, we’ll identify your stories and develop them with newsworthy, interesting and honest angles. These messages are then built into highly customized publicity and promotion campaigns to get your message to online and offline media – newspapers, magazines, television, radio, bloggers, websites, and content distributors.

Our Media Relations services include:

  • Media lists: Tenato continually researches and identifies appropriate traditional and new media contacts locally, nationally and internationally to approach with our clients’ stories.
  • Media kits: As “the first reporter on the story,” we are able to develop media releases, backgrounders, fact sheets, biographies of spokespersons and visuals such as photos, videos and infographics.
  • Media training: We’ll prepare you to be a great spokesperson for your business, ensuring you can provide interviews that are interesting, engaging and honest.
  • Media monitoring: As “news junkies,” we use modern tools and techniques to track and evaluate coverage, offer follow-up stories, and update the media.
  • Special Events PR: We’ll help you “make the news” by planning, organizing and implementing events that showcase your message in interesting and unique ways that attract coverage. This might include media conferences, “newsers” (short press releases), photo opportunities, launches, open houses, tours, or other visually interesting showcases that help to grab media attention.

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