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Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus — and what’s next? It might seem nearly impossible to keep up with all of the latest social media tools, let alone learn which ones are worth your time and effort to integrate into your marketing plan.

At Tenato, we think strategically about social media, and provide a FULL social media solution – that encompasses the following:

  1. Social Media Planning. Which sites do you need to be on, and with what sort of frequency? What kinds of content do your targets care about? We build you a social schedule that will accelerate you past your competition and get your fan base continually growing. We’ll also create policies for how to respond to various kinds of comments you may receive so you are prepared when these occur.
  2. Setting up Profiles. The process begins with setting up the right profiles – giving your company the right brand image and descriptions online, and ensuring completeness across the chosen profiles — choosing categories, selecting kinds of target followers, etc.
  3. Social Media Training. When new people begin to join and follow your sites, it’s great if you can learn how to say hello and welcome them yourself (or we can do this for you, but we think you’ll enjoy it.) Training sessions depend on your current skill level, which is why we provide tailored training – they can be anywhere from an hour to a day at a time – depending on how many sites we need to cover. That said, we also encourage you to YouTube various social media training videos; you can learn almost anything you need about social media sites there!
  4. Content Development. You may also need ongoing content developed — but how do we ensure this is YOUR voice? At Tenato, our team will call you regularly, ask questions about what your customers are needing or struggling with, and get the scoop…and then write your blogs in a manner faithful to your opinion and attitude on various subjects.
  5. Building a Following. A lot of companies will “buy” followings, and there are thousands of cheesy sellers on sites like Twitter and Facebook who will sell you “10,000 followers for $5.” Now, while this is currently legal, is really a black hat technique, that is to say, shady. This can get you blacklisted or punished by major sites, so it’s something we never do. At Tenato, we search out the right kinds of followers/fans for you, and following/engaging them one by one. This will ultimately give you a clean, honest image and a better ranking in the long run. These will also be followers who are actually interested in what you have to say, and more likely to share it to their followings/friends.
  6. Tracking. One of the best things about social media and online marketing is the ability to track results. Each social site can easily be tracked within Google Analytics. We can even tell you which posts were most popular, helping you see exactly how your social media program is generating leads (“conversions”) to your business.