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We are often asked, “How will I know if my plan is working?” The simple answer: if it’s working, it will generate profitable sales. However, sales can grow or decline from forces that are unrelated to your plan, such as loss or gain of a major account, a surprise change in legislation, or turbulent economic conditions. With this in mind, we can use several marketing metrics to determine whether or not your plan is on track:

  • Overall revenue (vs. same period previous year)
  • Gross margin or net profit
  • Number of new bids/proposal opportunities or “store traffic”
  • Number of website visitors, length of stay, and inquiries made
  • Number of outbound sales calls/meetings
  • Total social media following
  • Overall website ranking on various key words
  • Number of in-bound phone calls from various leads (reception tracking)

But aren’t there too many numbers? Yes. There are too many numbers for most clients to absorb! In fact, Google Analytics and Adwords are examples of programs that just aren’t user-friendly — you can spend hours fishing around inside, not knowing what the numbers really mean. At Tenato, we’ll build you a nice, simple, online report, to help you identify the key parameters you need to watch – because a dozen or so numbers is about all you need, and you shouldn’t have to fish through 20 pages to find them!

In addition, not only do we cull out the data you need, but we will actually examine it. We constantly find ways to tweak your programs, and advise you regarding the next steps in optimizing your marketing programs.