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Virtual DMO Service

Tourism and Economic Development Support

Too often, smaller cities and towns are challenged to acquire and retain the tourism and communications talent they need to achieve a modern, cohesive, fully-functioning promotional campaign to attract visitors, residents and new businesses on an ongoing basis. Such talents might include skills such as market research, strategy, business development (including selling skills), web development, graphic design, social media, public relations and more.

While some of these talents might be found locally, the workload of a single given community might not justify the overhead of keeping them all in place full time. Truly, there are temporary and changing requirements within all marketing skill sets as campaigns are built and promoted.

So, how does a community or destination without a fully-staffed Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) get a professional, locally-authentic solution, without the overhead?

Tenato’s Virtual DMO™ service offers destinations a complete solution to provide strong marketing campaigns on a year-round or seasonal basis, for a fraction of what building an internal team costs. With seasoned communications professionals, and a solid commitment to spending a consistent amount of time locally, we can give you terrific triple benefits: Consistent professionalism. Lower cost. Local connection.

Destination Marketing Company


  • You’ll see us frequently – You’ll see us not just by phone and email, but in person. We believe in strong ongoing engagement to keep up on what’s happening in the town.
  • You’ll get clear reports  – Not only are reports clear, but they will track the metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you decide.
  • You’ll keep up to date – We’ll create a process to ensure your program, website updates, and social media will run smoothly and be continuously up-to-date.
  • We’ll be accountable – We stick to our budgets because we help to develop them.
  • You’ll get broad expertise – You’ll be able to access seasoned talents in every core area of marketing and communications; from research and strategy through to creative services, public relations and event planning.

Headed up by Jacqueline Drew, Principal and Ginny Holtby, Tenato’s Tourism Strategist, you will get two active account managers, plus Tenato’s full suite of marketing and PR support talent. Would you like to discuss further?  Contact us today.