How Tenato is Different from most Market Research Companies

With offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, Tenato has completed a wide range of marketing research projects across Canada and the US.  Our approach is somewhat different than most market research firms for several reasons:

  1. Not a pile of data, but just the right data. Because strategy is a core part of what we do, we have a very clear picture of just how much market research– and what kinds– are definitely required to build a marketing strategy. So, instead of giving you a 200 page report without telling you what it means, we zero in on getting you the right answers, and then provide the interpretation to make it easily make sense.
  2. We dig deep into the customer’s mind. If you really want to know what your clients think of you (and why), or what potential clients might think of a new concept, it takes a different approach from what a conventional scripted researcher might use. You need a senior researcher that can build a rapport with someone, explain the purpose of the research, begin a conversation, and have an informal chat that allows people to open up and say what they really think. This is an approach in which we excel, leading to ground-breaking insights for decision making.
  3. We take advantage of newer tools. Social media monitoring, keyword trends, and online metrics are excellent market research tools that few traditional research firms use. Together, they can be used to find trends and needs in the market in a wide range of geographic areas. Sometimes these techniques are much less expensive and more accurate than surveying hundreds or thousands of people. Finding out what millions of people online are already doing is often more accurate than asking a few hundred what they might do.

Types of market research we offer

At Tenato, we like to zero in getting you clear answers in the most efficient way possible. Sometimes, that means synthesizing data from existing sources (industry associations, news sites, online data tools) into what we call “Secondary Research”. Sometimes, it means directly asking people what they think, i.e. “Primary Research”.  And we offer different methods for doing each:

Primary Research – Depth Interviews (with customers or prospects), Surveys, Focus Groups, Feasibility Studies, Competitive Intelligence, Reputation Monitoring, Customer Satisfaction Research, Focus Groups, Crowdsourcing.

Secondary Research – Sourcing Existing Reports, Gathering/Synthesizing Online Data for Competitor and Consumer Research.

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