Toronto? Tenato. Tenato? Toronto. 

Yes, Tenato is in Toronto! (And as for the tongue twister, our Principal Consultant, Jacqueline Drew says she screens clients by whether or not they laugh at her jokes…so consider yourself forewarned!)

Serving small and large businesses across Canada since 1996, Toronto has always been a critical business area for Tenato.  And our policy is to treat are key Canadian locations equally; this means none of our clients in Vancouver, Calgary or the GTA needs to worry about covering travel costs or expenses.  We will be there when you need us, regardless of which major city your business calls home.

Having recently conducted a major review of Toronto firms in our industry, we asked ourselves, what makes Tenato different from others in the GTA? It comes down to this: “The tenacity to dig deeper.” We are the only firm offering in-depth research, broad strategy, and marketing execution services under one roof. To do this well, we keep a fairly short client list. Here is how we do it

  • Market Research: You won’t find another marketing strategy firm in the GTA that actually does market research in-house (although there are market research specialty firms, they do not usually do strategy or execution). This means we don’t have to rely on your telling us what your winning strategy or key message should be. We do the legwork to get it right – by talking to your customers and potential customers, and comparing this carefully against what your competitors are doing. Read more about our market research…
  • Strategy: Most marketing firms do not offer strategic support for pricing or product development decisions. We do, and have done so for over 20 years. We find smarter ways to bundle products and services, develop stronger pricing strategies, build distribution channels, and if needed, flesh out an entire business plan or product launch. Read more about our strategy development services…
  • Execution: Like many marketing firms, we offer creative services and media placement, both online and traditional. But at Tenato we can also recruit sales personnel, give customized sales training, plan events, handle publicity and track your entire program. We believe marketing and sales tactics are of equal importance to achieving your success.  Read more about our marketing execution services…

So you see, our aim is to ensure your strategic direction is right before driving leads in the door. This means we’re aiming to generate leads that are of excellent quality, instead of getting a lot of undesirable ones that do not are not a good fit for you.

Now, a little Toronto story for you. Jacqueline recently took a walk in Toronto: a long walk; after finishing up a meeting near the airport, she decided to walk to the CN Tower to check out the view! It was a good 19 km; 8 hours with much-needed breaks. But the scenery was much lovelier than she expected in Canada’s biggest city: beautiful brick houses, natural river park pathways, funky little shopping areas, and even the delight of meeting a baby raccoon who scurried right up a tree. Fortunately, the CN Tower was still open for business when she arrived late that evening! So how was the view at the top? “Windy!” she says, “but stunning, and so worth it! I could barely walk for about a week, but I’ll never forget it.”

Let’s end with what we love about Toronto’s business community:  The diverse economy, the value-added manufacturing sector (we are active members of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters association), the ambitious energy of the people, and the closeness of so many top-quality post-secondary institutions bringing the best and brightest and of course, the Pearson International airport being a hub for reaching international clients.  Toronto? Tenato! We’re absolutely here for you.

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