Tenato Strategy has been serving the Vancouver area since 2017, and is pleased to provide a full range of market research, strategy and marketing-communications services to businesses in the Lower Mainland. Our office is located in the Royal Bank Centre at the corner of West Georgia and Burrard Street.

Since the pandemic, we have been doing more consultations remotely via video conference, and will arrange these at no charge to you.  If we seem to have a good fit between our services and what your business is seeking, we are happy to arrange an in-person meeting at our downtown office or at your office.  

Are Initial Consultations Free?

Initial phone calls and brief web calls (typically under 30 minutes) are always free.  As to longer consultations, we offer two kinds: one free and one paid.  The free consultation is intended to allow prospective businesses some time to get to know us, assuming they are considering us for a key project or longer term relationship.  The paid initial consultation is intended for prospects whose budget is very tight, and they just need some immediate advice that they can act on themselves. For pricing and details on these two types of consultations, click here.

What Services Do We Offer?

We offer research, strategy and execution under one roof.  This ensures we have a) good information on which to base decisions, b) a practical, workable plan…because we know we will have to actually follow it, and c) accountability in execution, because we have to stick to the budgets we set and get the results we aimed for.  Here’s an overview:

  • Market Research: If you need to understand your competitive advantages, we usually recommend interviewing your longstandig customers.  If you’re trying to determine whether a new product or service will sell, we can actually track down and interview potential customer, and give you unique insight into your future success. We also provide online research through our close connections to Google, and outstanding competitive intelligence capabilities. Read more about our market research…
  • Strategy: We address the whole strategy, not just the creative messaging.  That means we look at your position in the market, help refine your offerings, re-strategize your pricing, re-focus on the right target markets, and of course look at all the possible promotional channels, including both marketing to sales.  We also have the capability to develop, write, and design complete business plans and investor presentations. Read more about our strategy development services…
  • Execution: From creative ad campaigns to sales training? Yes! We cover both marketing and sales, to keep everything smoothly integrated. We even have the expertise to help you write proposals for those big RFPs, professional event planning, and publicity services. Read more about our marketing execution services…

What are your Professional Fees? 

You will receive a detailed proposal prior to engaging us, at no charge to you, with the costs of research and strategy defined as fixed fees.  Costs for research range $5,000 – $50,000, depending on scope. Costs for strategy range from $10,000  – $80,000, also depending on scope and complexity of the business. So yes, at a minimum, research and strategy (which we call Phase 1) and 2) at a minimum starts around $15K, and we usually ask for 50% of this upfront.  The costs of execution will depend on what is determined within your marketing strategy.

Click for more pricing details on our marketing services pricing.

That said….if your budget is a lot tighter than this, we can certainly do one-off consultations as noted above.

What Should I Budget for Marketing Execution?

Costs of execution (which we call Phase 3) will depend on your goals and resources.  We have a good article to guide you generally, however, click here to review it.

Contact Us

    Vancouver Office Address

    Suite#2176, 1055 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC V6E 3P3

    Phone: (604) 255-0449

    Email: info@tenato.com

    Directions and Parking

    Our office is located in the Coal Harbour area and has direct underground access to Burrard SkyTrain Station. You’ll find us inside the IQ Office Suites inside 1055 West Georgia Suite. 

    There is lots of metered parking in the area, and the building has elevator access. There is also a Royal Impark Lot #1777 that you can access from Burrard Street.

    Accessibility: Our Vancouver office has elevators and is wheelchair accessible.