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Energy & Environmental

Because we are based in Alberta, we have witnessed a huge range of booms and busts since the 1970s. We know first-hand that our country simply must find ways to diversify our markets and resources. We see renewables as not just part of an environmental solution, but as a diversification solution. It is also a strategy to re-invigorate communities and small businesses in Canada. We also believe that many of the same technical skills used in petrochemical energy can also be diversified into renewables.

Renewable Energy Generation

The provincial government in Alberta has a directive to phase out 5000MW of coal-generated power, and replace it with renewable energy by 2030.   Tenato aims to be a part of this solution.  We are seeking clients who are businesses or communities that want to build solar, wind, bio-mass, geo-thermal and/or other combinations of these resource.   We have existing clients and connections in these industries, and are able to bring not only our skill sets, but our connections to the table to accelerate your success.  We also attend the major conferences and conventions in this industry to keep abreast of new developments.

Environmentally Driven Businesses

However, there are many more ways to diversify and help the environment that go beyond generating renewable energy. How about a new pipe liner that prevents pipelines from leaking? What about a business that recycles clothing fibres into new products?   A construction company that reduces waste by factory-building homes with a small footprint?   A transportation service that runs on electric vehicles?  A beauty salon that doesn’t put toxic chemicals down the drain?  All of these are terrific eco-friendly business ideas.

As you may have already read within this website, at Tenato we aim to “help the good guys win.”  If you have a product or service that makes the world cleaner, more energy efficient, or safer, we’re here to help you find the right markets, build a strategy, and execute on a marketing plan.

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