We offer market research, strategy and execution under one roof.  Yes, it’s a lot. But we’ve found that as long as we work with a not-too-long roster of wonderful clients, it’s entirely do-able… and very rewarding.

What pulled us in this direction?  When we began in 1996, we assisted mainly small, startup businesses, who often needed us to build full business plans. Today,  although we still occasionally do full business plans, our strategy is mainly “offence,” i.e. it focuses on growth.  We also enjoy research-only projects, because we really understand the growth decisions that need to be made from the research. We avoid execution-only projects (such as just doing websites or social media without research/strategy first) because it inevitably puts the cart before the horse, causing issues later.

Why offer research, strategy and execution all together? Because we know that when any single aspect of the marketing picture is neglected, it can thwart the success of the entire program.  While we don’t always scope every aspect of our clients’ success (e.g. you may have already chosen your sales team, or don’t want to adjust your pricing) we do work with you to fine-tune the whole marketing picture as thoroughly as we can, and are able to address any issues that might be limiting growth.  That’s all part of Tenato’s philosophy of tenacity.  We want you to succeed, and we will do everything in our power to support that.

We’ll admit, it’s not easy.  It’s taken over twenty years to build reliable resources across the whole team. From research to strategy to execution,  we employ a mixture of seasoned, business-minded experts and talented creative technicians, choosing people with reliable characters and amazing track records.  We also work closely with our clients to get their teams involved, providing training or guidance to coordinate the entire program.