Marketing Research, Strategy, and Execution to create positive, worthwhile growth.

The name Tenato represents tenacity – the determination to never quit. With our twenty-year track record, we know that if you want lasting results from any marketing program, you need a deeper, more committed approach. Here’s how we do it:

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Research. Better, bolder decisions come from excellent information. To us, market research is vital, dynamic and essential. We use a broad range of innovative techniques and tools to find the best possible insights.
Marketing Strategy
Strategy. We bring your team together to debate key adjustments to your overall market position, offerings, pricing, messaging, target markets and marketing strategy. This results in an executable plan, clear rationale for decisions made, budget, schedule and team roles for your approval.
Marketing Services Execution
Execution. Depending on your in-house capabilities, we manage and execute some or all of the entire marketing and sales effort. This includes branding, media relations, social media, sales recruiting/training, and online marketing.

Sound expensive? Not to worry. There are nearly always ways to prioritize, and we can also give you excellent guidance toward better use of your in-house talents. (see our initial consultations).