We understand that a lot of clients are nervous about the costs of hiring a professional marketing service to support them, so we would like to remind you of this:

  • We have worked with a multitude of small businesses, as small as 1-person start-ups.
  • We have worked with a multitude of large corporations; in fact, one of our clients is the 6th largest company globally.

Translation? We scale our rates to the client’s needs as best we can, and based on the value we believe we can provide. While our service is not free, we can and do make it accessible to nearly any kind of client, as long as they match our values and philosophy. Here is how we structure our pricing:

  • We’ll meet you to scope out your needs, goals, and what you can afford. If you have a very tight budget (under $1000) and need strategic advice, you might consider one or more paid consultations where we can give you some “do it yourself” advice with no further obligation.
  • At no charge to you, we’ll create a proposal that scopes out services to fit your budget, and delivers on your most important priorities. The proposal is a detailed outline of what we will do for you, how long it will take, and a fixed price broken into phases. The following ranges are typical.  International clients may require higher budgets.
    • Research: $5,000 – $50,000
    • Strategy: $10,000 – $80,000
    • Execution: $2,000 – $10,000/month for account management + a marketing budget of 2% – 10% of your sales goal*

*A higher percentage of sales is needed when the business is new. We can work as sole-source of all your marketing expenditures, or simply as external project managers where you pay some or all your marketing/advertising costs directly to media.

  • While we have clients who contract us for research only, or strategy only, or execution only, our preference is to work in an integrated way. We are quite flexible, as long as this is done in the best interests of the client and still yields high quality. We do urge clients to do at least some research first (whether through Tenato or another firm), and to carefully evaluate strategy before execution of marketing projects (such as websites, social media, sales training, online marketing or other program elements).
  • All services will be delivered on a set budget as designated in your marketing plan to avoid unexpected costs.