Strategy before Marketing

If you’ve ever felt perplexed by the uncertainty of marketing decisions, take heart.  You’ve just found Team Tenato, Calgary’s most experienced strategic marketing and communications consultants, and we’re here to help.  At Tenato, we know that you need good information to make good decisions, so we offer a rare combination of Market Research, Marketing Strategy, Public Relations and Business Development support – ensuring they work together with maximum synergy.

Sound expensive?  Please don’t worry!  Our Consulting Fees are outlined right on this site, and there’s always a way to drill down to focus on the help you need most.

Market Research

What would your customers say about you?  How does your company stack up versus competitors? What major trends are happening in your markets that affect where and how you will market?  Find out with Market Research.

Strategic Planning

What will your business stand for?  How should your services and pricing reflect this?  And how will you communicate your message?   Strategy lays the foundation for all marketing, public relations and sales efforts.

Implementation: Marketing, Sales, and Online

How does your strategy translate into naming a business, building an image, and creating a brand?  How do you carry it through to your sales team and promotional mix?  At Tenato, we’ll help pull it all together for you with full Implementation Support.

Marketing Analytics

The biggest marketing question of all is: “Is it working?” At Tenato, we help you identify and use the most important Marketing Metrics, so you can continually track your success.

Remember, when it comes to marketing, there is a way to get it right.  Do your research right here  — and  Call us today!