Tenato offers two types of initial consultations. Both are available by web conference to any location in North America, but if you live in one of our core cities of Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto, we can usually make this happen in person, depending on current COVID-19 travel restrictions.


Free of charge, an Evaluation Consultation is an opportunity to meet us in person to see if there’s a good fit. We like to ask you about your needs, your hopes, and your struggles, and really get to know you. If there seems to be a good fit, we’ll usually get into more depth and really get specific about your needs and expectations so that we can prepare a proposal. This type of consultation is intended for those who are considering an ongoing relationship (or conducting project work) with us, as opposed to those seeking immediate short-term advice.


If you are in a situation where you need immediate advice, and are on a tight budget, consider a one-off Strategy Consultation. These are a lot of fun, and dig right into the nuts and bolts of strategic marketing. For a one-time fee of $899+GST, we prepare brief preliminary research into your brand and its competitors and provide a two-hour consultation, during which we’ll discuss how you could differentiate your company, create an offering, and reach your target markets. Once the consultation is complete and you’re full of ideas, we also supply a written brief of our discussion via email, to summarize our key insights and recommendations. Beyond that, if you should decide you need more help, you can book another Strategy Consultation, or we can proceed to provide a no-charge proposal for ongoing services and support.

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