Tenato normally offers two types of initial consultations, but we have recently developed a new, third package tailored to the pandemic.  All packages are available by web conference to any location in North America.


Tenato is pleased to offer an affordable Pandemic Marketing Action Plan (P-MAP) package that includes the following for a price of $2499 + GST.

  • No-obligation initial phone consultation. If you choose to proceed, then we continue with the next steps listed here….
  • Initial Research:  Examines how your key competitors have responded to the pandemic, and also analyzes your numbers and website analytics to see what is still working, and what is not.  We will also contact a small number of your existing customers to see how their needs have changed and how you could continue serving them in different ways.
  • Strategy Session 1:  A 2-hour video call to determine ways you can modify your business for the pandemic.  Includes discussions around modifying your messaging and online business, determining new products/offerings that would better suit current needs, pricing modifications, and finding ways to trim some marketing costs (what can be trimmed with minimal impact?), and possibly boost other kinds of marketing efforts.  We will also look at ways to re-purpose staff e.g. into sales, social media, or other roles, and provide coaching to get them up-to-speed on these new tasks. At the conclusion of this session, we will prepare your P-MAP document. Timeline 2 – 3 days.
  • Strategy Session 2:  At a second web call, we will walk you through your P-MAP, which will include specific key wording to be used for online messaging and selling as well ask key tasks and budget.  If any costs are involved in making changes, a specific budget will be included for your approval.
  • Strategy Session 3:  A third follow-up session where we follow up on the Pandemic Action Brief  and coach you through and areas of difficulty.  Timing is flexible to your needs and support. Tenato can also assist with any execution services needed.

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Our other, regular initial consultation packages follow below.


Free of charge, an Evaluation Consultation is an opportunity to meet us in person to see if there’s a good fit. We like to ask you about your needs, your hopes, and your struggles, and really get to know you. If there seems to be a good fit, we’ll usually get into more depth and really get specific about your needs and expectations so that we can prepare a proposal. This type of consultation is intended for those who are considering an ongoing relationship (or conducting project work) with us, as opposed to those seeking immediate short-term advice.


If you are in a situation where you need immediate advice, and are on a tight budget, consider a one-off Strategy Consultation. These are a lot of fun, and dig right into the nuts and bolts of strategic marketing. For a one-time fee of $899+GST, we prepare brief preliminary research into your brand and its competitors and provide a two-hour consultation, during which we’ll discuss how you could differentiate your company, create an offering, and reach your target markets. Once the consultation is complete and you’re full of ideas, we also supply a written brief of our discussion via email, to summarize our key insights and recommendations. Beyond that, if you should decide you need more help, you can book another Strategy Consultation, or we can proceed to provide a no-charge proposal for ongoing services and support.

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