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Sales Development

No strategy can succeed without an airtight approach to sales. Few marketing strategy firms actually tackle the business of sales process development and training, but we have done so for over twenty years. Why? Because if you proceed without a clear understanding of how to use marketing tools in selling, it is like arming soldiers without training them, and many salespeople will simply fashion their own crude weapons (which we’re sure you have all seen) causing frustration, and wasting valuable selling time. Anyone who has been in a sales role knows that it is one of the MOST critical elements of a solid marketing strategy.

At Tenato, our sales development services cover seven main areas:

    1. Sales team planning and strategy. This is one of the most critical functions of marketing, especially business to business marketing. If you do not have capable people to build relationships with clients, those relationships may never be formed. At Tenato, we can assist you in determining the size and nature of your sales team, and whether it needs to be comprised of in-house direct hires or outsourced solutions such as manufacturers agents / representatives or independent dealers/distributors. Solutions can also be blended for different locations and global reach.
    2. Sales Process Development. Once we have a clear understanding of the type of sales team that would best fit your needs, we work with you to define a clear, customized sales process with goals and sales funnel expectations. This process is integrated with our sales training program, ensuring your sales team has the understanding and marketing support tools they need to succeed at each step of the process.
    3. Customized Sales Training. At Tenato, we provide customized sales training that involves the following aspects:
      • How to research your targets to uncover likely needs using the latest online research tools
      • How to prepare your “cold call” and strategically sequence questions
      • How to prepare and conduct sales meetings
      • How to prepare and present proposals
      • How to negotiate and close a sale
      • How to stay in touch and build relationships
    4. Sales Team Management. Are you concerned about managing sales staff so they stay focused and motivated? We don’t blame you— sales people are expensive, and it can take a long time before you know whether or not they are performing well. At Tenato, we provide monitoring, support, and encouragement to your sales team by helping them to address objections, refine proposals, and handle difficult client issues as they arise. We know early on whether they are going to work well, and are heading for success. We also like to occasionally attend meetings with your representatives to get a feel for how well they are able to address clients’ needs and create persuasive pitches.
    5. Sales Resource Development. At Tenato, we take all of the strategic elements of your plan, and translate them into sales terms– an introductory pitch, agendas for sales meetings, visuals, presentations, voicemail messages, email introductions– essentially smooth phrases and a “tool chest” that can be employed by your sales team.
    6. Proposal, RFP and Bid Management. One area of special interest at Tenato is proposal development— creating templates for effective proposals, and supporting you in responding to RFPs (requests for proposal). This process involves a combination of project management, strategic thinking, pricing, value presentation, and graphic design skills. At Tenato, we bring these varied skill sets together to help boost your chances of winning. Just be sure to contact us early on, as deadlines can be difficult, and they are rarely flexible. Learn more about our proposal support services.
    7. Sales Team Recruiting. Let us clarify that we are not in the recruitment business as a general rule. However, when success of your overall marketing strategy rides on your acquiring and deploying a great salesperson, we are keen to assist in evaluating a sales candidate’s fit for the job. We get intimately involved in developing your job descriptions for sales personnel, compensation methods, recruitment advertisements and help you to select the media. From there, we assist you in screening and interviewing candidates, checking references, refining your job offer, and even creating a training schedule.