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Event Planning

Events can certainly be a crucial part of client, community and employee relations, and Tenato has full capabilities with regard to event planning and management.

Regardless of the type of event, we take you from concept through to detailed planning, branding, promotions, logistics, on-site management, and post-event evaluation with seasoned event professionals who are longstanding members of the International Special Events Society. This has given us a full range of well-established vendors in all aspects such as catering, entertainment, audio-visual, venues, registration desk staff, photographers/videographers, rentals, and décor.

Here are some of the kinds of events we handle:

  • Corporate Conference & Meeting Planning – We’ll help you to achieve maximum impact at tradeshows, conferences, AGMs, Town Halls, seminars.
  • Client Celebrations – Looking to impress your clients, suppliers and key contacts? We help you plan re-branding launches, product launches, grand openings, Stampede breakfasts, Holiday parties and corporate anniversaries for maximum entertainment and memorability.
  • Community Relations & PR Events – Do you need to present a project concept that will affect a certain community? We can help you carefully plan the message, public awareness, and information packages, and work to ensure the right people are present in the room, along with room layout, refreshments, etc.
  • Internal Celebrations – There are many kinds of internal celebrations with which we can assist such as a retirement, change in ownership, employee recognition, mergers, seasonal celebrations, teambuilding or landing a major account.

If you are interested in learning more about our event planning services, please contact us today.