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Is Your Social Media Campaign Working?

Social Media and Reputation MonitoringSo you’ve set up your business with a Twitter feed and a Facebook account. You’ve got some videos up on YouTube and you’re all ready to start feeding pictures to Instagram. That’s great! But how do you know if the content that you’re putting out there is going anywhere? What if it’s just dropping into a black hole on the internet?  And what’s more – what are people saying about you online when you’re not paying attention?

Social Media Monitoring for Businesses

With social media monitoring (SMM) – also called “reputation management”,  you can get a continual feed of information that is streaming about your company, your products, or even your competitors’ names or products.   We work with dedicated partners like Sysomos and Radian6 to set up specific queries and then collect the data that results. Then together we can take a look at what we’ve got and decide on the most appropriate next steps.

Sysomos Social Media Monitoring

How it works

Working together with you and our SMM partner, we will specify a particular set search parameters – this could include specific social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, inbound and outbound communications, certain terms or phrases or a range of other specifications. With everything clearly laid out, the monitoring software will then “crawl” the sites looking for anything and everything that fits inside the box we’ve designed. In order to maximize efficiency, you won’t have to worry about spam or duplicate information – everything is tailored, streamlined and personal. All the results get indexed and collated – ready for your to review (or we can do so for you).

And one important note – here at Tenato, we are very conscientious regarding privacy rules and restrictions. Federal guidelines do not allow us or any other SMM provider to crawl private content. That means that some sites – like LinkedIn – with rigid privacy rules are not entirely accessible. Additionally, private Facebook pages, direct messages and private Twitter comments are also not included in the information we gather. We respect privacy.

Got the data. Now what?

Solid analysis of the data will give you access to better strategy. With the information the SMM has provided, we can help you craft a meaningful, interactive strategy that will not only draw your target audience to you, it’ll also help you push out content that will be useful to them. You’ll be able to respond efficiently and effectively when you have to and engage where you need to, all of which will enhance your reputation among your community.

So, how much?

As in many things, the most accurate answer is “that depends.”   Most SMM subscriptions fall in the $600 – $1000 per month range – and then personal monitoring/feedback varies depending on how widely known your brand may be; this could be anywhere from a few hours a week to ten or more full time staff.  There are also basic SMM tools available online that are free. There are others that charge depending on how much data you’re after, how many users your have, or how many search terms you are trying to track. There are a ton of variables and prices are all over the map. Fortunately, we have a range of tools available to us and we can help you sort out fact from fiction and determine just what’s right for you. Get in touch!


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