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Crowdsourcing as a Marketing Tool

Incorporating some kind of customer insight has become essential to a successful business model. Consider it a modern equivalent of the suggestion box, getting access beyond the “mind base” of your own organization….

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How Do We Say Tenato?

Hello, folks! So a lot of people ask me how do we say our company name. You know, that word that starts with the ‘T’? so I thought I would give you this little musical explanation….

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Developing a Sales Process

The unique thing about business-to-business marketing is that a lot of the marketing strategy success will rest on tenacious and skillful direct selling. That’s why having a documented sales process is so important – it builds consistency in your sales performance and value in your company….

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Busy Spring at Tenato

Lots has been happening here in the land of Tenato, so I thought I would give you all a brief update of things! The building looks a little unsightly – but the good news is that it’s because it’s being PAINTED! So the historic Garry Theatre sign should be back once the front is restored….

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