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Five Tips for Tweeting

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If you feel like your tweets are always being overlooked and you’re not seeing any retweet action, try these tips to make your posts more noticeable and shareable.

1. Be succinct

Remember that the shorter the tweet is, the more likely it is to be retweeted. This is because when someone retweets your tweet, Twitter places your handle in front, which pushes the character count up. This means the person retweeting may have to modify your tweet to make it fit, and this is simply too much work for some people. Try to keep your tweets under 100 characters including any URLs. Make those 100 characters count!

2. Make it Catchy

You only have a second to grab a reader’s attention, so make sure your message is clear and catchy. Don’t be afraid to be a bit tongue-in-cheek or use a little shock value, if it fits your brand image.

3. Be Smart With the Hashtags

A tweet peppered with too many hashtags is hard to read, but you do need at least a couple so that your tweet will show up in searches. Only hashtag the relevant and important words. For example, if you’re posting a link to a blog post about your favourite fall recipes, you might use the hashtags #fallcooking, #recipes and #delicious.

4. Attach an Image

Did you know that tweets with an image are twice as likely to get retweeted as Tweets without? (Source) When tweeting your blog posts or articles, be sure to attach a photo that you’ve used in the post. And don’t be afraid to post pictures of your product, or of your company out engaging in the community.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Retweets

As long as your content is relevant to the influencer you’re tagging, they will more than likely be happy to share it. It’s also always good to tag people in tweets when relevant, such as tagging the author of an article you’re sharing. Not only will they appreciate the shout-out, they may retweet it or acknowledge it.

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Over the past eight years, Amanda has used her powers in social media strategy and content development to help small and big businesses triumph in the online world. BAM! There she goes launching a social media campaign with a reach of over 3 million impressions. KABOOM! There she goes getting her clients to the forefront of their industry and building a dedicated online community.