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Video Drone on Deck

Great news– our Video and Web Producer, Han Siu, now has a high-definition drone video camera at the ready.  We’ve already begun shooting our new corporate video with it (as part of our new website in development), and it’s astounding what it can do.  I’ll be on my motorcycle at 60 km/h and I can hear that thing buzzing behind me, which is sort of freaky.

Video Drone Calgary

This drone does up to 70km/h and can be flown from 5km away in range. The limitation is more your ability to see it when it’s so far away (Binoculars would help, and probably some good sunglasses)!

Han’s already shot tons of footage with it, and has excellent control of it, like an extension of his arm. He can swoop it like a bird and hover it completely still; really cool.

Of course, to him I’m sure it’s just like a fancy new video game.





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