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A Direct Pipeline To Google

The Google Partner Badge for The Three MarketersWhat if you could have speed-dial access right into top-level expertise at Google?

At Tenato, we’re very pleased to announce that our online marketing partner, The Three Marketers Inc., has been granted Google Premier Partner status! Google Partners is Google’s certification program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other consultants who manage AdWords accounts.

While Tenato provides Market Research, Strategy, and Execution of marketing programs, we work with The Three Marketers Inc. to contribute their specialized technical skill set in pay-per-click online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). By bringing the full gamut of these services together, we can create a trackable and successful marketing program to build your revenue profitably.

How the Status is Awarded

The Premier Partner designation is an indicator that an agency has advanced AdWords knowledge, has shown healthy growth across their managed accounts, and meets exceptional spending and performance requirements. Only 3% of Google Partners reach Google Premier Partner status. There is no application process for this designation; it is awarded by Google based upon outstanding accomplishment. (In fact, it comes without warning, whenever Google decides it is deserved. Take a close look at the attached image, which we’re told arrived completely out of the blue.) Apparently, Google guards this decision algorithm with the same level of security as they do their search rankings!

What Premier Partner Status Means

Premier Partner status means The Three Marketers Inc. has high-level access to Google. This includes select events and training, the ability to earn particular specializations, the privilege to get sneak peeks at new products and services, and the chance try out the newest toys in the Google toolbox. This is a significant advantage over non-Premier Partner agencies.

Also noteworthy, in the case of any issue with a client’s AdWords campaign, Google Premier Partners get a priority response from the Google mothership. You can rest assured knowing that any problems with your campaign will be swiftly resolved.

Karine Kugler, founder of The Three Marketers Inc., says, “We have been in the online marketing business in Calgary since its very beginning. We are honoured to receive such hard-fought recognition from Google. Our goal has always been to obtain the best possible results for our clients, and we’ve achieved this by staying on top of the latest marketing technologies and trends.”

CEO and Principal of Tenato, Jacqueline Drew, was thrilled to share the news with our clients. “The online marketing sphere is extremely complex, and it takes years to get good at it,” she says. “To have a partner with this level of expertise is a true asset to Tenato’s clients, giving us a direct pipeline into all things Google.”


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